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[Scam Alert!] Heater Repair Schemes To Look Out For

It’s hard enough to deal with an unexpected heater repair, but heater repair services aren’t always trustworthy. It’s difficult to find a heater repair team that you trust to make honest recommendations and not try to cheat you out of your hard-earned money.

Luckily, heater repairs in Houma are easy to get and even easier to trust with Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning. Our team works hard to show every customer our transparent intentions — and to get the job done right! If you ever face a bid from a local heater company that you aren’t sure about, we’d be happy to give you a second opinion. We also want you to know about the shady schemes that other heater companies might try to pull on you.

Keep your eyes peeled for these scams, and give us a call for the honest services you deserve.

Our Services Are Cheap!

We understand that heater repairs can be costly. Scammers know it too. That’s why some shady heater companies will try to get their foot in your door with unbelievably low-priced service fees. If the price seems too good to be true, it usually is! These technicians are trained to arrive at your home under the guise of a low service fee. However, once they have access to the heater, they can intentionally damage it or make up repairs they will try to convince you to pay for.

A second opinion is always worth it. It gives you the confidence and option of another expert’s professional opinion. Plus, scammers are outed as soon as you speak with a real professional technician!

You Have A Cracked Heat Exchanger!

The heat exchange is a series of metal tubes that separate the combustion chamber from the flow of air. When the gas is burned inside the combustion chamber, the heat causes the metal tubes to warm. When the air from your home passes over the other side of the heat exchanger, the heat is absorbed into the air. This is how your air is warmed.

It’s possible for your heat exchanger to crack, but it’s a very rare occurrence. If the technician in your home claims that your heat exchanger is cracked, don’t take their word for it — or even a picture on their phone! Insist on seeing the crack for yourself, even if the unit is difficult to access. This way you avoid any tricks that the technician may be trying to pull.

It’s also a great idea to get a second opinion on a major problem like this. A cracked heat exchanger often requires a total system replacement, so you want to be sure you have the right team and solution.

You Are In Mortal Danger!

To be clear, there are some situations where your heater could put you in danger. The top sources of danger from your heater are gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks or fire risks. The way to tell if your technician is lying or really concerned is by their proposed course of action. If the technician is actually concerned about a gas or carbon monoxide leak, they will immediately recommend that you leave the home and call emergency services.

A technician who is trying to scam you will insist that they have to repair the heater right away and you need to pay them or sign a contract to start immediately. Never sign a contract or submit payment due to these scare tactics. If there really is an emergency, call 911. Otherwise, you should have time to get a second opinion.

We’re Here To Serve, Not To Scare

Trahan’s Heating & Air Conditioning is committed to helping our Houma community. That’s why we’ve never even considered scare tactics or scams. If you’re ready for professionalism, quality workmanship and trustworthy technicians, give us a call!

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Terrific company!

Terrific company! Repair/salesman arrived quickly after our call for help. Current unit repaired that day and new units installed shortly thereafter. Experienced, qualified, considerate, hard working, and friendly team. We highly recommend their services!

Deborah C.

Quick and Prompt Service

We are very pleased with our recent service with Trahan’s! We noticed something wasn’t right with our AC and within 15 minutes of calling Tyler was here and working on fixing the problem. We are thankful for quick and prompt service on a Saturday afternoon!

Courtney C.

Professional and Knowledgeable

The serviceman, Tate, was very quick to respond to my call. He was professional and knowledgeable and identified the problem very quickly. The broken part was replaced & my A/C was running perfectly again in less than 15 minutes after he arrived.

Jo T.